Class List

SLS Soundoff Class list

SPL classes

  • Trunk 0-3000
  • Trunk 3001-6000
  • Trunk 6001-up
  • No wall 0-3000
  • No wall 3001-6000
  • No wall 6001-up
  • Wall 0-3000
  • Wall 3001-6000
  • Wall 6001-up
  • Extreme

All SPL measurements are taken with all doors and windows closed with the microphone 9" from passengers A-pillar and 5" from the dash.

SPL classes are determined by the type of car. Trunk is a coupe or sedan with a trunk. No Wall is a car, truck, suv, or van with the stereo system below the lowest window line. And the Wall class is for cars, trucks, suvs, or vans with the stereo system above the window line, including full walls. Wattage is determined by face value of the amplifiers.

  • Outlaw Trunk
  • Outlaw No Wall
  • Outlaw Wall
  • PA class

Outlaw classes allow the contestants to have the microphone placed anywhere they would like, floorboards, ports, in the trunk, etc.....

PA Class is for the contestants that have walls of speakers mounted for "block party" setups. This is measured with a full range microphone at 10ft from The closest speaker.


SLS Soundoff Bike classes

  • Fairing class
  • Bagger class
  • Stock class
  • Modified class
  • Extreme class (over 12 speakers, including tweeters/horns)
  • Open Air class (side-by-sides and vehicles with no tops, including trikes and power-wheels).

All measurements are taken 20" from the lowest point of the seat with a full range microphone set to pick up peek SPL at whatever frequency (from 20hz to 20Khz) the system peaks at.

  • Fairing class: all speakers must be in front of the seat.
  • Bagger class: all speakers must be behind the seat.
  • Stock class: speakers must be in factory locations.
  • Modified class: if fairing, bags, or tour pack have been cut or modified in any way.
  • Extreme class: for bikes with OVER 12 speakers, including horns.
  • Open Air class: to cover all the "other" things. ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, trikes and/or power wheels types of things(this allows people to build whatever they would like and have a fair class to compete in).
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in each class.

How points systems work.

Single points events are
1st =5

And double points are obviously double points, single points are one day events and double points are two day events. At the end of the season ( end of October ) we will award the championships for each division and the overall points winner will receive cash ( the amount has not been determined yet, depending on how the shows go ).